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The Salwood Forest Resort - Your Perfect Destination For Unforgettable Weddings!

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The perfect destination for school and college outings, offering a variety of activities to keep students entertained and engaged.


Salwood Retreat - a place where unforgettable family memories are made.

one of the cottages at The Sal Woods Forest Resort & Spa lit up at night

Salwood Retreat - an ideal destination for corporate training and team-building activities


Immerse yourself in creativity amidst the nature's lap at The Salwood Retreat.


Turn on your vacay mode with your furry pals at Salwood Retreat - a pet-friendly resort.


Rejoice birthday bash at Salwood - your premiere event destination.


Groove to the rhythms of techno and psy at Salwood.


Embark on a spiritual journey at Salwood in the breathtaking beauty of Dehradun.

Superior Cottage exterior

Escape the mundane days at Salwood and treat yourself to a relaxing weekend.

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