The Salwood Forest Resort

Escape the Ordinary 

Nestled amidst the Himalayan foothills, our lodge offers a tapestry of activities and peaceful respite, ensuring a weekend well spent.

one of the cottages at The Sal Woods Forest Resort & Spa lit up at night


1. Temple Tour

Option 1 : After breakfast walk about 1 hour from the Lodge to Jageshwar. First stretch of walk is flat over and then it is downhill, all through the forest of Oak, Pine and Deodar. Visit the Jageshwar temple. Get on to your car and drive short distance to Dandeshwar Temple followed by 10 minute drive to Jhanker Sem temple. From here you have the option of either having a picnic lunch at a nice spot in the forest or have a hot late lunch at Lodge.

Option 2 : After breakfast drive about 30 minutes to Vriddha Jageshwar Temple. Visit the temple, enjoy the panoramic view of mountains and Himalayas (on a clear day). From here downhill walk about 1 hour 30 minutes to Jageshwar Temple. Spend some time exploring this magnificent group of temples followed by short walk to the dandeshwar temple. Thereafter commence your last stretch of walk about 1 hour 15 minutes towards the Lodge. You will be served picnic lunch at a nice spot in the forest. Continue walk to the Lodge.

2. Sundowner Walk

Walk about 45 minutes from the Lodge to a nearby ridge. It is a gradual walk uphill and then flat walk to a vantage point. Enjoy your cuppa as the sun starts lowering down the horizon. After spending some time return back to the Lodge.

3. Day excursion to Almora

After breakfast drive towards Almora. Your first stop will be Lakhudiyar about 45 minute drive from the Lodge followed by a 15 minute drive to Chitai Golu Temple and then another 15 minutes from here is Almora.

Lakhudiyar is known for its pre historic rock shelter paintings. Some of the paintings have faded but one can still see a few figurines of animals, human and different patterns reveling the artistic expressions of early cave dwellers.

Dedicated to God of justice, Chitai Golu Temple is the most famous and revered of the various Golu temples in Almora district. It has reputation of making wishes come true and in propitiation one has to offer bell to the god as is evident from thousands of bell hanging around the temple of different sizes.

Almora is one of the most important towns of Kumon region which also long served the capital of Chand dynasty durinh 15th and 16th century. For its rich heritage, unique handicrafts, magnificent temples and its association with people like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Uday Shankar, makes Almora undoubtedly the cultural capital of Kumaon region.

While Almora visit to Nanda Devi Temple, Old Court, local market is a must and do not forget to savour the famous traditional sweets at Khem Singh Mohan Singh shop.

4. Do nothing

We all are so busy in our daily lives that we hardly get to spend quality time with our family and friends. Our social life is now squeezed to a smart phone and we hardly interact in person. Those long conversations over a cup of tea are missing.

Here at Kot Naikana we encourage people to spend time with family and friends. Pick up a board game, enjoy playing it with your kids and relive your childhood. Have a carom or card session with friends and try those old cheat tricks. Go on a leisurely stroll around the Lodge and let the conversation flow. Bake cookies, make pasta and surprise the kids or even your spouse.

5. Village Walk

Leisurely walk through the Naikana village and learn more about the rural lifestyle of Kumaon. Stop for a tea at an old home and interact with the family.

6. Nature Walk

Kot Naikana is surrounded by forest which is mix of pine, oak, rhododendron and deodar. Explore the nature at its best on a leisurely walk through this forest. Morning and evening are the best times as you also get to see lots of birds.