5 day certificate course in Master Healing

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DAY 1:

  • The introduction about the ancient Tibetan healing modality.
  • How Sound and Vibration play an important role in Healing.
  • Detailed introduction of the tools- Tingsha, Conch, Lama Bell, Tibetan Handmade Bowls, Gong, and Crystal Bowls.
  • Includes a healing session

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DAY 2:

  • Therapies and Techniques to work on the Mental Body.
  • Yin Yoga With Sound Healing Session.
DAY 3:
  • Therapies and Techniques to work on Self Healing and Physical Body. Like- Back, Shoulder, Knee Issues

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DAY 4:

  • Therapies and Techniques to work on Energy Body.
  • Meditation And Sound Bath
DAY 5:
  • Advance techniques to work on Energy Body.

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  1. Certification Master Level Sound Healing Course.

  2. Accommodation: 5 Nights in The Sal Woods Forest Retreat and Spa, Dehradun.

  3. Meals: 

    1. All satvic meals from Day -1 Brunch to Day 6th Day breakfast. 

    2. Three meals in a day that includes breakfast, lunch & dinner.

    3. We suggest not bringing snacks and eatables, as it will not support your participation during the program.

  4. Medication: Please bring general medicines for cold, fever, pain relieving ointments, muscle relaxants, etc., as well any other regular medication prescribed for you.

  5. Clothing: Participants are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the Course.

  6. Laundry: Participants should bring sufficient clothing to last the entire duration of the course.

  7. Footwear: Removing footwear before entering interior space is a part of the cultural ethos. For your convenience, please bring footwear that can be easily removed. A pair of shoes is also a must.

  8. Toiletries & Other Items: We suggest participants to bring their own toiletries/selfcare items used for personal hygiene.

Important note: Smoking, alcohol consumption, or consumption of any kind of intoxicant during the Coures is strictly prohibited. You will be asked to leave the place if found in possession or using such substances.

Costing and Payment Policy

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Why Tibetan Sound Healing?

We are a yoga community, our courses create an environment that fosters inner growth and healing. Through various practices that we offer such as sound healing, meditation sessions, self-reflection exercises, treks, and various others, participants gain insight into their inner selves, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for personal growth. We teach individuals to acquire these tools and develop practical skills to integrate into their daily lives.

This will be a transformative experience that goes beyond mere relaxation. We believe that transformation will happen when a sacred space is provided for individuals to pause, reflect, and reconnect with themselves on a deeper level. In a world that often demands constant productivity and engagement, We offers a much-needed respite, allowing individuals to recharge, gain clarity, and return to their lives with renewed vitality and a greater sense of purpose.